Sure, Eater is a food site, but we’re a high-tech one. Whether it’s an essential app, a robot bartender, or a futuristic kitchen tool, we’re on it. Everything below is a little shiny, totally high-tech, and meant to improve how you eat and drink—and, in the case of a slew of game-changing smartphone camera accessories, improve how what you eat and drink looks in pictures, too. —Khushbu Shah

Photo of Soundhawk


All those really trendy restaurants? They’re are also really loud. The Soundhawk is a discreet little device that augments your ability to hear, making it a breeze to hear soft sounds—not to mention the person next to you.

Photo of Egg Minder

Egg Minder

File this one under appliances you never knew you wanted but totally need: This app-enabled tray tracks not only how many eggs you have left, but lets you know which ones are going bad.

Photo of Aroma Fork

Aroma Fork

Thanks to some fancy diffusing papers and a bit of science, the Aroma R-Evolution fork can make vegetables taste like chocolate, bananas, coffee, or any other of the 21 scents that come with the utensil.

Photo of Zoku Personal Ice Cream Maker

Zoku Personal Ice Cream Maker

Make a bowl of homemade ice cream in pretty much the same time it takes to land a pint of the store-bought stuff. Just pour in ice cream base, stir, and in under 10 minutes you’ve got an optimal midnight snack.

Photo of Beer Aroma Booster

Beer Aroma Booster

As beer sits in a glass, it loses its nice smells. This Beer Aroma Booster uses ultrasonic vibrations to revive the brew’s head, perking up the olfactory angle in the process.

Photo of Range Thermometer

Range Thermometer

These sleek, smart thermometers send alerts to your iDevice when your dish is perfectly cooked. Use the 3-inch sharp tip to cook the perfect steak, and the 6-inch round tip to make sure you never burn caramel again.

Photo of Breville Tea Maker

Breville Tea Maker

The perfect cup of tea is a matter of serious technology. This sleek tea maker brews at five different temperatures, and features a basket that automatically lowers and lifts to prevent oversteeping.

The Tricked-Out Smartphone

Here’s everything you need to take your Instagram game to the next level. Combine the Olloclip’s four stellar lenses, the GorillaPod’s stabilizing powers, and the Kick’s incredible app-controlled lighting to take food photos totally worthy of the #foodporn hashtag, no matter how dark the restaurant.

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