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You might not have realized it, but we’re living in a golden age of independent food magazines. For lovers of good writing, good design, and good eating, there are plenty of ‘zines, digests, and journals to explore. Here are some of our favorites, including a single-topic cookbook series, a fashion-minded take on women in the food world, an academic journal, and plenty more. —Hillary Dixler

Photo of Cherry Bombe

Cherry Bombe

A tome of a biannual magazine dedicated to celebrating women and food. There are fashion spreads, in-depth profiles, recipes, and much more.

Photo of Diner Journal

Diner Journal

Published since 2006, the creative magazine from prolific Brooklyn restaurateur Andrew Tarlow is hole-punched for easy storage in kitchen binders. Each issue contains a fun mix of recipes, art, and essays.

Photo of Gastronomica


Gastronomica calls itself a journal of critical food studies for good reason: the essays in this academic-minded magazine are impeccably researched and ask the big questions about food and foodways.

Photo of Lucky Peach

Lucky Peach

From the minds of Momofuku chef/founder David Chang, writer Peter Meehan, and editor Chris Ying comes Lucky Peach, the theme-driven quarterly food journal that keeps winning Beard Awards.

Photo of Put a Egg On It

Put a Egg On It

This digest-style zine lives at the intersection of food and literary arts. Expect an ever-changing array of photo essays, neighborhood guides, short essays, and recipes.

Photo of The Art of Eating

The Art of Eating

The distinguished history of this quarterly dates back to a newsletter launched by founder/editor Ed Behr in 1986. It’s a thoughtful read at a manageable size.

Photo of Short Stack Editions

Short Stack Editions

These zine-y single-topic cookbooks are each narrowly focused on a specific ingredient. The bite sized volumes are also lovely to look at, with vibrant covers and string binding.

Photo of The Runcible Spoon

The Runcible Spoon

This “quarterly(ish)” food zine has a cut and paste collage aesthetic, fantastic illustrations, and a genuine indie vibe. Dive into the back issues for endless fun.

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