If something is too bizarre, too gross, or too internet-y to fit into the normal news queue, we stick it in a section of Eater called IDK, where Food Network memes and weirdo Japanese foodstuffs live together in beautiful, WTF harmony. These gifts are inspired by the wack-a-doodle spirit of IDK, chock-full of pepperoni pizza sweatshirts, jalapeño gummies, eerily lifelike unagi phone cases, savory teas, and more. —Claire Carusillo

Photo of Pizza Sweatshirt

Pizza Sweatshirt

Why just eat pizza when you could be pizza? The cheesy, saucy all-over-print on this cozy sweatshirt turns heads and whets appetites.

Photo of Egg and Toast Salt & Pepper Shakers

Egg and Toast Salt & Pepper Shakers

The only thing better than eating an egg and toast is salting and peppering the heck out of it with these shakers, and pulling out your iPhone to document the whole thing. Expect at least 65 likes on that Instagram.

Photo of Vegetable Teas

Vegetable Teas

We were so fascinated by these savory teas in the Eater office that we rationed our tester bags. They taste like veggie stock, and we mean that in the best way possible.

Photo of Savory Gummies

Savory Gummies

Don’t let the savory looks of these gummies fool you. The fried eggs taste like peach, the lobsters taste like berries, the carrots taste like our childhood, and the chili peppers taste like something fruity, with a spicy kick.

Photo of Unusual Ice Creams

Unusual Ice Creams

Brooklyn ice cream shop Oddfellows offers a rotating list of insanely inventive ice cream flavors and sorbets. We’re partial to the miso cherry ice cream and raspberry pink peppercorn sorbet, weird but perfect.

Almost Edible Phone Cases

Let’s be honest: Your phone case is the window to your soul. In this case, your soul is made up of a hot dog, a melty popsicle, some startlingly realistic unagi, and a box of designer french fries.

Photo of Snacky Nail Art

Snacky Nail Art

Add these hot dog, french fry, pizza, and burger decals to your usual manicure routine. Confidence goes a long way; snack-inspired nail art goes even further.

Photo of Ice Cream Sandwich Battery Pack

Ice Cream Sandwich Battery Pack

More than anything else this holiday season, we’re grateful for a product that can charge our phones three times over and looks uncannily like our favorite dessert sandwich.

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