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Picture the food-obsessed hipster in your life. You know the one: Wears extraordinarily tight pants. Obsessed with obscure craft breweries. Listens to Heritage Radio podcasts. Now picture the perfect gift for this discerning person—no wait, don’t picture it, just scroll down. We’re thinking one of these well-made and undeniably cool items will do the trick. Naturally, each one would look great on Instagram. —Hillary Dixler

Photo of A Mason Jar

A Mason Jar

It’s a drinking glass! It’s a flower vase! It’s a lampshade! It’s a fishbowl! It’s a terrarium! It’s a lunchbox! You could also probably use it for canning jelly or jams too, if you’re weird.

Photo of Food Tattoos

Food Tattoos

These high-quality, high-design temporary tattoos let the food-obsessive in your life express his love of vegetables without committing to a decision he might later regret.

Photo of DIY Kimchi Kit

DIY Kimchi Kit

At-home fermenting is so hot right now. This kit makes getting in on the kimchi action fun and easy, providing you with basically everything you need but the cabbage and the attitude. Plus, bright yellow gloves!

Photo of Hand-Crafted Beer Pong

Hand-Crafted Beer Pong

Forget the basement—this is a high-end, artisanal beer pong experience. The mini tables are handcrafted from local wood by a maker cooperative in Minnesota. They probably wear great flannel. Works best with obscure beer.

Totes Cool

Here’s how to look extra sharp at the farmers market: A bespoke leather handbag made from the hide of the cows served at trendy Brooklyn restaurant Reynard, a statement-making repurposed coffee sack proclaiming your organic early-entry, and a tote from everyone’s favorite hipper-than-thou, impeccably high-design junk food-baked-goods mecca.

Photo of Hangover Chic

Hangover Chic

What happens when you roll a cat in a tortilla? This super soft and comfy Purrito shirt, that’s what. Portmanteaus never looked so good, especially paired with a cool jacket and beanie.

Photo of Anson Mills Yellow Grits

Anson Mills Yellow Grits

Anson Mills products are what everyone is buying right the eff now so they can cook from Sean Brock’s book and Tweet about it. These high-end grits are made only from Carolina Gourdseed White or John Haulk Yellow dent mill corn. Of course.

Photo of Biodynamic Chocolate

Biodynamic Chocolate

This is biodynamic chocolate from Topanga Canyon in California, so it’s full of good vibrations. The cacao was, we are not kidding, grown in soil that’s been sprayed with quartz-infused water. You dig?

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