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Dads usually already have all the stuff they know they like, so they’re not always easy to shop for. The trick, we’ve discovered, is to buy them the things they don’t even know that they want. This section of Eater’s gift guide is filled with extra-handy tools, super delicious foodstuffs, and fun restaurant-related merch that dads (and uncles and grandpas) will dig, even if they’d never think to buy this stuff themselves. —Greg Morabito

Photo of A TV Cookbook

A TV Cookbook

One book, two things all dads love: Italian-American food and premium cable. This book has a kind of silly conceit—it’s “written” by Artie Bucco, the chef character on David Chase’s acclaimed mob drama—but the recipes work, and each page is chock full of nerdy Sopranos references.

Photo of Andrew Zimmern's Face

Andrew Zimmern's Face

All dads worship Andrew Zimmern. He’s rich, he’s famous, the ladies love him, and his job involves traveling the world in pursuit of the most succulent warthog elbows and anteater snouts. In some Freaky Friday situation, Dad would gladly switch places with him for a day. This hoodie with Zimmern’s face on it gets you pretty close.

Photo of Hot Sauce Sampler

Hot Sauce Sampler

If your dad is a fiend for any of the “basic” hot sauces (Tabasco, Cholula, Frank’s), get him a set of obscure, artisan pepper potions. Odds are, Dad will be blown away by the fire in these tiny bottles, kind of like when that guy in the Maxell commercial hits play on his tape deck.

Photo of French Laundry Golf Balls

French Laundry Golf Balls

Dads love golf! Dads love bragging about swishy restaurants they’ve been to! If your pop enjoys “hitting the links” and “giving Thomas Keller large sums of money,” he’ll dig these golf balls, which were made to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the acclaimed Yountville, California restaurant.

Photo of Peter Luger Golf Shirt

Peter Luger Golf Shirt

Peter Luger Steakhouse is one of the most sacred places in the entire Dad Universe. On average, dads think about Luger once every six minutes. This lightweight garment is perfect for trips to steakhouses, golf courses, Best Buy, Costco, or Ace Hardware.

Photo of Soap Made from Beer

Soap Made from Beer

There’s no better soap than beer soap to keep next to the sink near your dad’s special den, garage, or puttering-around workshop. Made with actual Brooklyn Brewery lager, this product will remove all the grease/dirt/model airplane glue off your dad’s hands, while imparting a pleasantly yeasty aroma.

Photo of Lots and Lots of Bacon

Lots and Lots of Bacon

If your dad is a bacon enthusiast (and what dad isn’t?), he’ll flip for this sampler pack, which includes five varieties of fatty smoked pork. He can fry up one package every morning for five action-packed days, or sizzle them all up at once, to create the biggest, baddest BLT in dad history.

Photo of A Serious Spoon

A Serious Spoon

If your dad fancies himself a gourmet cook, he’ll enjoy using this versatile device. It’s a spoon, yes, but it’s a spoon created by acclaimed chef Gray Kunz in the 1990s for stirring, saucing, and tasting. No dad kitchen should be without one.

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