For the Traveler

Culinary travel is a thing now — people plan trips around night markets and tasting menus, and even wait to book flights until after they've made coveted restaurant reservations. Here, find some products to help make the journey (and reentry) a little smoother.

Travel Mug With Tea Leaf Filter

With a stylish design and a snug-fitting filter for looseleaf tea, this is the mug for tea fans on the go. Put the leaves in the mug before leaving home and ask the flight attendant to fill the mug for you.

Neighborhood Coasters

Celebrate the places you've been to or came from with these typographic map coasters. Each pack of four details neighborhoods in one city from across the globe.

Tropical Cocktail Prints

Commemorate that last vacation — sunset drinks and all — with these whimsical cocktail illustrations. Whether it was a cozy old fashioned by the fireplace or a beachside mojito, artist Sarah Ferone has a bright print to help bring the memories home. Look for cocktail hour playing cards in her signature style coming early next year, too.

Chef-Approved Travel Snacks

Adrienne Lo — the owner/GM of bustling Chicago restaurant Fat Rice, known for its fun food in a communal atmosphere — is behind the small-batch company selling "family recipe" nuts like garam masala walnuts, chipotle lime peanuts, and coconut curry cashews. They're addictive and the perfect road trip snack.

Gold Water Bottle

We all know the importance of reusable bottles, but the team behind S'well is trying to glitz them up for people who want to save the environment in style. The bottles keep drinks hot or cold for hours, and they look good doing it.

Cup Holder

There is nothing worse than trying to fit a laptop, paper, and drink on a tiny airplane tray — except dealing with the aftermath once that regulation plastic cup spills everywhere. This contraption saves the day by clamping onto the side of the tray and keeping your drink away from your electronics or the Sunday crossword.

The Best Food Book to Read While Traveling

Published in 1998 ahead of the food memoir surfeit, the book is out of print though easy to find online. It’s about cooking at home, rather than eating in restaurants, but what Moore expresses about the interior life of people obsessed with food will resonate. The chapter entitled Adultery in particular is exquisite, heartbreaking writing. An outstanding plane read.

Bartender Booze

This flat bottle packs well, and the spiced cherry liquor inside is inspired by the bartender tradition of sending a shot — a boomerang — from one bar to another through a trusted regular. It's created by Eater Young Gun Micah Melton, beverage director of one of Chicago's best bars: The Aviary.

Extra Aged Cheese

Pleasant Ridge Reserve: nutty and reminiscent of Alpine cheeses like Gruyere but with a gentle sharpness that makes it wholly appealing to the American palate. It's not pungent on the nose so you won’t offend the people around you, and this cheese is prototypically perfect with nuts and apple — other easy things to bring on a plane. Extra-aged Pleasant Ridge is even better.

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