For the Food Lover

Skip the fruitcake and give the eating enthusiasts in your life something they really want: housewares that are both practical and pretty, some of the nation's best deliverable foods, or tools that will take cooks of any level up a step in the kitchen.

Whale Knives

Bring your cheese board A-game with these whale-shaped knives that are great for slicing fruit and more. They're perfect for small tasks in the kitchen, as they're made in the tradition of old Japanese utility knives used for detailed woodwork.

Farfalle Necklace

There's no event too informal for a bowtie — and none too fancy for a bowtie pasta necklace. This brass farfalle will class up even the most casual of outfits.

Food Pun Greeting Cards

Move away from mushy declarations of love and pick up one of these food pun greeting cards for your sweetheart instead. Nothing says true love like a picture of a s'mores with the caption "you make me feel all gooey inside."

Dim Sum Calendar

This calendar has everything: Months of the year, days of the week, and perfect illustrations of popular dim sum dishes, complete with ingredient lists and a pronunciation guide.

Seasonal Jams

It's hard not to love L.A. cafe Sqirl's Instagram-friendly food and sunny space. But if you're not out on the West Coast, you can still enjoy the seasonal sweet jams that helped make Jessica Koslow's restaurant famous. They're available individually or in a $60 jam of the month club.

Food Journals

We've all been there: You have the best wine — or cheese, or beer, or doughnut, or whiskey — of your life and vow to remember the name so that you can try it again later. And then you forget. These pocket-sized tasting notebooks are here to save the day; each one comes with pages to outline flavor profiles, prices, and notes of individual products.

The Burger Lover's Dog Biscuits

Treat your dog the way you treat yourself: with Shake Shack. While a Shackburger and cheese fries might not be quite right for your canine friend, these well-sized dog biscuits from the iconic fast-casual burger chain with a presence all over the country will be sure to make any pup happy.

Community-Driven Ice Cream

The ice cream wizards at Portland's Salt & Straw come up with all kinds of boundary-pushing flavors, from this summer's black mole and cinnamon cauliflower pints to November's buttered mashed potatoes and gravy. A package of five — classic, seasonal, or mix-and-match — can be delivered anywhere in the country.

Local Vinegars

Blackberry Farm — that lush getaway in the Smoky Mountains — is the perfect weekend retreat, but for people who can't make it out to Tennessee, plenty of the farm's products are available online. These vinegars are made using local strawberries and peppers grown right in the property's gardens.

Farm Fresh Candles

Controversial cilantro gets a lot of flack in the food world — but love it or hate it, the Charleston "candle farmers" at Produce have figured out a way to capture the way it smells. If the spicy, clean scent isn't your thing, this year's seasonal fig and rosemary candles are fresh while still being cozy.

Immersion Blender

With a chopping bowl, a blending jug, a stick mixer, and a whisk, this all-in-one immersion blender is the singular tool to have in the kitchen.

Sous Vide Machine

Increasingly affordable sous vide devices have flooded the market in the last few years, putting restaurant-level cooking consistency within the reach of ambitious home cooks. Of the latest models we tested, the Anova is the standout. The adjustable clamp fits all manner of pots (not just giant boilers), and internet connectivity means you can control the cooker via the Anova phone app (which also comes preloaded with videos and recipes) remotely. This year, they're even selling the cooker in Apple stores.

Mail-Order Deep Dish Pizzas

Deep dish pizza is a Chicago icon, and Lou Malnati's is known to be at the top of the classic versions. Mail-ordered pies are available in packs of two, four, or six — and there's even a heart-shaped version to send that special someone.

Masala Spice Set

Getting the ratios down on spice blends can be tough, which is why it's nice when chefs put their recipes out on the market. This set from Indian street food spot Bollywood Theatre includes three masala mixes and comes with recipe cards from the restaurant's chef Troy MacLarty.

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