Mosu, San Francisco

Address: 1552 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA
Key Players: Sung Anh
Projected Opening: February 2, 2016

Chef Sung Anh — an alum of French Laundry and Benu — is stepping out solo into San Francisco's top-notch fine-dining scene with a tasting menu he describes as "Contemporary American with lot of Asian influences," ranging from Korean to Chinese to Japanese. Per Eater SF, Anh credits his former boss Corey Lee as an inspiration, but his cuisine is totally his own, also drawing on his time spent cooking at LA's Urasawa and SF's Aziza: "I put all that experience together to try to make the menu more personal, combining my experience, my tradition, and my culture," he says.

Anh is keeping things small and focused in Mosu, with 18 seats and a design intended to enhance guests' privacy. As for the look, Anh promises "the colors of the interior are warm white, dark wood, and bronze gunmetal," he says. "I wanted the dining room to feel welcoming but modern and sleek." | All Mosu Coverage [ESF]