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Why Would an LA Restaurant Keep Selling a Dish That Loses Money?

Breaking down the food, labor, and fixed costs of Bé Ù’s caramelized pork with eggs

Grocery Store Shortages Are Back. Here’s Why.


How the Sfoglini Pasta Factory Manufactures Cascatelli, a New Shape of Pasta 

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NFL Stadium Dirt Does Not in Fact Make Lay’s Potato Chips Taste Any Different

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Garum

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The Coolest Place to Drink Is Your Local Bookstore

New takes on the classic college-town genre offer guests the chance to curate reading lists, sip natural wines, and eat great food

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Austin Skirts Texas Order, Will Allow Restaurants to Require Staff Vaccinations

A Running List of Everywhere Carrie and Friends Eat or Drink in ‘And Just Like That...’

Coffee Shop is closed and they can no longer go to Bed (what’s the point without Samantha, anyway?), but the characters of "Sex and the City" are still swapping puns across the tables of New York restaurants

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The 38 Essential Toronto Restaurants

I Miss Few Things More Than Eavesdropping in Restaurants

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Austin Bakeshop Owner Sarah Lim Shares Her Experience on ‘Queer Eye’

Emmy-Winning Docuseries ‘The Migrant Kitchen’ Widens Scope to the Entire Nation

Who’s Really Behind Joanna Gaines’s Perfect Peanut Butter Brownies?

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25 of the Very Best Drinking Glasses

This Oysters and Grits in Bourbon Brown Butter Recipe Is an Exercise in Simple Decadence


How Master Butcher Dario Cecchini Created a ‘Republic’ of Meat-Lovers in Italy 

Who Is Responsible for Dessert Hummus?

Exploring the trend everyone loves to hate

It’s Time to Get Rid of Calorie Counts on Menus

‘Influencer Network’ the FeedFeed Hit With Lawsuit Alleging Workplace Racism and Sexism

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Diners Turn to Reddit to Sell Their $1,500 Reservations During Omicron

Season Two of ‘Emily in Paris’ Is Still Inedible Tripe

KFC’s Beyond Meat Nuggets Taste Like Chicken, Eat Like Rubber

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It’s Depressing: Gordon Ramsay Swearing at People Over Food Is Still Bankable TV

Is the ‘Future of Food’ the Future We Want?

At the Food on Demand conference in Las Vegas, the food service industry laid out its vision for a future in which customers never have to wait. Just don’t think too hard about how that’d work.

How to Avoid the Shameless Creep of Diet Culture’s ‘New Year, New You’ Nonsense

These Are the Worst Kinds of Viral Food TikToks

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The 11 Best New Restaurants in America

Revealing the best new barbecue in Austin, the hottest reservation in NYC, LA’s best new pop-up, and so much more


How a Jersey City Pizzaiolo Churns out Hundreds of Wood-Fired Pies a Night 

Why Make Other Angry Dudechef Dramas When ‘Burnt’ Already Perfected the Form?

Eater Is Now on TikTok – Follow Us!

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The Any Occasion Add to Cart Gift Guide

An updated list of recommendations from Eater’s shopping newsletter

Holding Ourselves as Food Media Accountable

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