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For a Touch of Retro Whimsy, Restaurants Are Turning to the Illustrated Menu

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A Pistachio Olive Oil Cake Recipe That Gets the Balance Just Right

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After Mario Batali’s Acquittal, Where Do We Go From Here?

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The 38 Essential Restaurants in Paris


How Slab Barbecue Is Defining LA’s Barbecue Scene

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The Fascinating Mystery of Anna Wintour’s ‘Go-To’ Lunch

Old Bay Makes Goldfish, an Already Perfect Snack, Even Better

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10 Brilliant and Bizarre TikTok Food Accounts to Follow Now

You won’t regret it... or maybe you will

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Beyond the Ivy: What Makes a Celebrity Hot Spot

The reason celebrities like Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian all flock to the same restaurants

What Are We Wearing to Restaurants Now, Brooklyn?

Julia Child’s Coq au Vin Recipe Stands the Test of Time

TikTok’s Current Self-Soothing Obsession Is Watching Strangers Restock Their Fridges


How America’s Biggest Indoor Shrimp Farm Sells 2 Million Shrimp Each Year

Yes, You Can Make a Blooming Onion at Home

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I’m Shillin’ It

How chains like McDonald’s and Taco Bell are using hip-hop stars and famous musicians to infiltrate your mind and wallet

The Ultimate Guide to Chinese Soy Sauce

From dark to light, regular to sweet, soy sauce is much more than a condiment. So how do you figure out what’s what?

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Why Celebs Risk It All Eating Spicy Wings on the ‘Hot Ones’ Talk Show

For stars like Kevin Hart, Idris Elba, and Lorde, eating spicy wings is the key to relatability

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Mario Batali Found Not Guilty in Sexual Misconduct Trial

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The Best Gins for Mixing, According to Bartenders

Unfortunately, the Food Brands Have Discovered Astrology

Why Are American Chips So Boring?

International chip flavors seem to have all the fun. But to get chip flavors like hot pot or fried crab in America, the snack industry would have to change the way it does everything.

How to Shop for Bottled Water, According to a Certified Water Sommelier

Nacho Cheese + Hot Cheetos = Perfection

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The Best Restaurants for Celebrity Sightings in Miami

Delivery Workers Are the Next Frontier of Labor Organizing

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The 18 Best Cookbooks of Spring 2022

New titles from Rick Martinez, Kwame Onwuachi, Reem Assil, and more will add some spark to your spring cooking

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The Any Occasion Add to Cart Gift Guide

An updated list of recommendations from Eater’s shopping newsletter

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Where to Eat in 2022

Where to find the best food around the world this year


How Vista Hermosa Makes 100,000 Corn Tortillas a Day

Sonic’s New Pickle Fries Are Startlingly Good

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The 25 Essential San Juan Restaurants

The Latest Restaurant Ingredient Shortage: Rice Paper

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The 11 Best New Restaurants in America

Revealing the best new barbecue in Austin, the hottest reservation in NYC, LA’s best new pop-up, and so much more

Holding Ourselves as Food Media Accountable

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