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60 Second Tasting Menu

Del Posto

Watch: The Del Posto Tasting Menu Takes Just the Right Amount of Risks

At NYC’s High Street on Hudson, Chefs Have No Patience for Fussy Food

Plunge Into Texas in 60 Seconds with Barley Swine

Watch Tasting Menu-Only Counter 3.Five.VII in 60 Seconds

Experience the High-End Tasting Menu From Congress in 60 Seconds

Delight Over La Barbecue’s Entire Menu in 60 Seconds

Glimpse Into Qui’s Playful Tasting Menu in 60 Seconds

LaV's Elegant Tasting Menu in 60 Seconds

Uchi’s 12 Course Omakase in 60 Seconds

Watch Alinea Chef Mike Bagale Whip Up an Asian-Inspired Tasting Menu in 60 Seconds


Watch Jacques La Merde's Cheeky Tasting Menu Poke Fun at High-End Dining


Experience Spring in Full Bloom at Chicago's Sixteen


Watch Blackbird's Elegant Eight-Course Spring Tasting Menu


Check Out a Meal at Topolobampo, Rick Bayless's Epic Chicago Mexican Spot


Watch Curtis Duffy's Mind-Blowing Tasting Menu at Grace in Chicago


60 Seconds of Culinary Wizardry at Chicago's EL Ideas

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