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The Add to Cart Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

12 things to buy for Valentine’s Day this year, chocolates not included

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A collage of items, including the book “Table for Two,” a Le Creuset Dutch oven with a heart-shaped knob, Bowl Cut chile crisp, and The Qi rose tea Eater
Monica Burton is the deputy editor of

This post originally appeared in the January 28, 2023 edition of Add to Cart, the weekly newsletter for people who like shopping (almost) as much as they love eating. Subscribe now.

I have written before about my belief that Valentine’s Day is fun and should be celebrated, especially with dessert. (This year, I’m using it as an excuse to finally do the prix-fixe menu at Lysée.) And because of that still firmly held belief I have, here and freshly updated, a list of bonbons you can buy from chocolate shops around the country and have shipped in time for Valentine’s Day gifting.

But I also recognize that not everyone is as into chocolate as I am. And so below, I have put together a list of other excellent Valentine’s Day gifts, with nary a sweet among them.

 Things to buy for Valentine’s Day