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Help Us Pick Where to Eat in 2024

Which U.S. city has the best dining scene to visit next year?

Every year, Eater publishes Where to Eat, a guide to the most exciting places to dine all over the world, including some of the greatest food towns right here in the U.S. We’re busy lining up our hit list for 2024, but we’re leaving one spot open. That’s where you come in. We’re asking our readers to vote for the U.S. city they’d like to see added to next year’s guide. To start, we’ve selected four cities we know Eater readers love to eat in:

In Louisville, Kentucky, celebrity chef Edward Lee recently opened modern Korean steakhouse Nami, while Eater Young Gun alum Ashleigh Shanti helped launch the dining concepts at the new Hotel Genevieve. In Kansas City (Missouri and Kansas) low-alcohol cocktail haven Wild Child just won a spot on Punch’s Best New Bars 2023 list and Yoli Tortilleria snagged the award for best bakery at the 2023 James Beard Awards. In Salt Lake City, Utah, local star Viet Pham is cooking up new concepts alongside his beloved fried chicken restaurant Pretty Bird, while cocktail spots like Acme Bar Co are redefining the city’s unique booze scene. As Milwaukee, Wisconsin gets ready to host Top Chef season 21 in 2024, long-established chefs like Adam Siegel and stalwart eateries like Palomino Bar and La Dama continue to reinvent themselves and the city’s dining scene.

All four are amazing places to eat, but only one can join Eater’s Where to Eat in 2024 list. Whether you just ate your way through one of these cities on a visit or you’re a proud resident who wants to see your hometown restaurants shine on the world stage, it’s time to vote with your stomach (and tell your friends, family, and dining companions to do the same).

Vote Now:

Voting will close on December 18 at noon Eastern time.

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