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Drum roll!
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These Are the 2023 Eater Award Winners

Raise a glass to the year’s best bars, restaurants, pop-ups, and roving trucks across 21 Eater cities

The Eater Awards is the culmination of a year of intensive dining and drinking research led by intrepid editors in 21 U.S. cities. It’s the moment when Eater editors select those places that served the finest meals, the most noteworthy desserts, and impeccable vibes. These places don’t fit into any one box: Maybe they’re not polished. Maybe they’re maximalist. Broadly, they’re the places that editors hope to endure for not only what they make but also for what they mean to the community. Each award speaks to the whole, telling a story of the year in dining in that city, and recognizing those who contribute to the continued vitality of their local food scenes.

Among this year’s winners of the illustrious tomato-can award (sadly, not stuffed with money like The Bear): a spectacular Twin Cities deli slinging standout egg, cheese, hashbrown, and collard green sandwiches; a bold new Seattle cocktail bar garnishing glasses with Polaroids of customers; a Nashville Thai fried chicken expert; and a San Diego purveyor of fluffy chiffon cakes.

Operating and working in the hospitality industry has perhaps never been harder, but these bars, restaurants, pop-ups, and roving trucks are finding creative ways to bring innovative flavors and experiences to their audiences. Join Eater in celebrating the 2023 Eater Awards winners.

New Orleans

Los Angeles

San Francisco

Twin Cities




San Diego









New York

Las Vegas




Special thanks to Lille Allen, Nat Belkov, Kaitlin Bray, Frances Dumlao, Kristen Kornbluth, Jess Mayhugh, Missy Frederick, Nicole Adlman, and the rest of the Eater team.


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