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How a Maine Restaurant Makes Browned Butter Lobster Rolls

Eventide Oyster Co. in Portland, Maine sells 700 lobster rolls a day in the summer

Off the coast of Maine, Ready Seafood produces up to 600,000 pounds of lobster every week. Run by two brothers, the company specializes in catching some of the best lobsters in the country. The lobsters it catches are shipped around the world for retail and restaurants alike.

“It’s always grounding to remember that those lobsters you’re catching sometime within the next week will be someone’s dinner somewhere around the world,” says Curt Brown, marine biologist and fisherman for Ready Seafood.

One such restaurant is Eventide Oyster Co. in Portland, Maine. “They take our lobster product and they put their own spin on it,” says Brown.

The browned butter lobster rolls are one of the most popular dishes at the restaurant, according to Eventide’s chef de cuisine Jared Leaman-Farley. To make them, Leaman-Farley coats the lobster meat in warm browned butter sauce. He then tops it with salt and lemon juice. “The richness of the butter, that nice, nutty flavor, all of that really just complements the lobster meat well,” says Leaman-Farley. The lobster is served in the restaurant’s homemade bao buns and finished with a sprinkling of chives.

“It’s delicious, well-balanced, definitely nostalgic,” says Leaman-Farley. “We sell about 700 lobster rolls a day in the summer.”

Watch the full video to see how Brown and his team catch and harvest lobster.


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