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How Lamb Hearts Are Prepared at a Georgia Restaurant

The lamb is sourced from White Oak Pastures using 150-year-old sustainable farming techniques

Uncommon meats are the specialty at the Deer and the Dove in Decatur, Georgia. That’s why chef and owner Terry Koval appreciates the lamb he sources from White Oak Pastures. At the restaurant, he uses all parts of the animal, including the loin, the neck, the kidneys, and even the heart. “We like to play with our food a lot,” says Koval. “We definitely like to showcase those fun off-cuts that most people don’t know about.”

To prepare a lamb heart, Koval likes to begin by slicing the organ into thin slices and dousing it with olive oil before adding za’atar seasoning. The heart then gets put onto the grill, and exposed to high heat.

Once it’s taken off the heat, he plates it with chanterelle mushrooms, a lamb jus, and garnishes, including beet and begonia flowers.

“It’s super clean. There’s no gaminess whatsoever,” says Koval. “It’s a lot cleaner than any of the other hearts that I’ve had for sure. It’s delicious.”

Watch the full video to see how White Oak Pastures raises the lambs that Koval sources for his restaurant.


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