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How NYC’s Michelin-Starred Casa Enrique Makes Ceviche

Chef Cosme Aguilar uses locally sourced fresh fluke

Casa Enrique has been serving New Yorkers some of the city’s best Mexican food since it opened in 2012. Chef Cosme Aguilar worked in French fine dining before applying those techniques to his mother’s recipes at the restaurant. And two years after it opened, the Michelin guide awarded it one star. “What I want is to be the best in the neighborhood and we went beyond that,” says Aguilar.

One dish that helped them earn the distinction is the fluke ceviche.

“We only have one ceviche, which is a fluke,” says Aguilar. “We cook it with lime and some spices and salt.”

When filleting the fish, Aguilar uses a Japanese style of slicing, so the fish comes out in strips rather than chunks. Once the fish is cut up and marinated with chile serrano and lime, it is put into the fridge for two minutes. Before serving, it’s garnished with onion, avocado, radishes, and tomato.

“From good to very good is a minute difference. Take your time,” says Aguilar. “Food is about the experience.”

Watch the full video to see how Aguilar and his team make the ceviche, along with dishes like mole de Piaxtla and chorizo tacos.


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