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Here’s the New Trailer for ‘The Bear’ Season 2

After closing the Beef, Carmy and the gang have big plans for a new restaurant in the old space

Jeremy Allen White, who plays Carmy in FX’s The Bear, stares at the camera in a screenshot from the first trailer for the show’s second season.
The Bear returns for season 2 on June 22.

On Monday, FX dropped the first full-length trailer for the second season of The Bear. Unlike previous Bear news, this one actually gives us some insight into Carmy’s plans to make a place that’s really his after closing the Beef.

Despite the financial windfall that came his way at the end of Season 1, the trailer shows Carmy (Jeremy Allen White) and the gang going to Uncle Jimmy (Oliver Platt) to ask for more money. The team needs the extra cash for extensive renovations on the old Beef space, which they’re planning to turn into a “destination spot,” complete with a new business model and a “chaos” menu.

It seems we’ll also see more of restaurant’s misfit crew brush up against the traditional structures of the culinary world; Ebraheim (Edwin Lee Gibson) and Tina (Liza Colón-Zayas) are going to culinary school, full of bright-eyed and bushy-tailed Sydney-esque cooks. And there will be some new additions to keep an eye on: While we still don’t know where guest star Bob Odenkirk will fit in, a clip featuring Molly Gordon of Booksmart and Shiva Baby hints at potential romantic drama in Carmy’s life.

If one thing’s certain, there will be bickering.

The Bear season two hits Hulu on June 22.