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How Chef Rashida Holmes Prepares Goat at LA’s Bridgetown Roti

She prepares the side of the goat and the legs separately before putting it together in the roti

On this episode of Plateworthy, chef Nyesha Arrington visits chef Rashida Holmes at LA’s Bridgetown Roti, a restaurant that was named one of Eater’s Best New Restaurants in 2021. Together, they make the restaurant’s red pepper goat roti.

Holmes starts with two goat legs and a whole side of the animal, kept separate from each other as they will be prepared differently: The fattier legs will get smoked and the side will get confited. “Afterward, we mix them each together,” Holmes says.

The side gets rubbed down with a housemade curry powder of fenugreek, coriander, cumin, fennel, and mustard seeds. “I make like three or four different curry powders because I found when I started this business that none of the curry powders at the store satisfied me,” says Holmes. After the side of the goat is rubbed down, it sits overnight.

The legs, meanwhile, are marinated with a red pepper marinade that Holmes makes. “This is where this dish gets its name,” says Holmes. Not only does it function as a marinade, but “it’s also going to be our curry base for when we make the goat after it’s cooked.”

Watch the full video to see how Holmes and Arrington cook the rest of the goat and assemble their rotis.


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