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This TikTok Account From Two Former ‘Bake-Off’ Contestants Is Pure Serotonin

Prepare to be endlessly charmed by the kooky adventures of Lizzie and Freya

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Even though we can mostly agree that the Great British Bake-Off has lost some of its luster over the past few seasons, there’s no denying that it still boasts one of the best casts in all of reality television. Every season, there’s a new crop of endlessly charming, sometimes awkward bakers who win our hearts, and now two of the show’s most beloved former contestants, Lizzie Acker and Freya Cox, have teamed up for a TikTok account that’s a pure rush of serotonin.

According to the bio for @freya_and_lizzie, the two became “best mates” after meeting on the show’s 12th season, which aired in the United States last year. As Acker told Eater in March 2022, the duo became so close after their GBBO experience that Acker purchased a house in Liverpool, and invited Cox to become her roommate. “It’s obviously given me a great friendship with Freya,” Acker said. “Which is probably the best thing ever to come out of it.”

In watching the duo’s TikTok videos, it’s easy to see that they’re having a really good time living as roommates. Their home feels appropriately Lizzie and Freya, especially the kitchen that boasts buttery yellow walls and a pink-and-white striped ceiling, in which they’re frequently dancing and trying various TikTok challenges. What you won’t see a lot of, though, is baking. This is an account that’s focused almost entirely on a whimsical, slightly unhinged friendship, and it’s perfect.


Nothing better then getting a few of your food nightmares an forcing each other to eat them #roomies #bestfriends #friendship #gbbo #challenge

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Lizzie and Freya’s account is a window into their actual lives, not just their bakes. We see them decorate their front door with googly eyes and other spooky accoutrements for Halloween, meet up with fellow GBBO alum Chigs Parmar on a trip to Scotland, and try to ride a tandem bike together, all with an infectiously silly joie de vivre that makes it impossible to stop scrolling through these videos. Watching the two poke fun at Paul Hollywood is especially satisfying, considering how ugly he was to Lizzie and Freya both as they whipped up some of the series’s most inventive, if not always successful, bakes.

Watching these two embrace their weirdness, dunk on each other when necessary, and make complete fools out of themselves is really a breath of fresh air. Among all the basic cooking videos and endless dance challenges elsewhere on the platform, Freya and Lizzie bring a little much-needed kookiness to TikTok, a place where creators often take themselves a little too seriously. Even if you’re having a really shitty day, following the hijinks of this dynamic duo will definitely put a smile on your face.