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How Dijon Mustard Is Made in France During an Ongoing Shortage

Edmond Fallot sources entirely local products to make its mustard

Many people in France population are panicking right now over an ongoing mustard shortage, but Marc Desarmenien, third-generation director of Edmond Fallot, the oldest Dijon mustard factory in France, is surprisingly not one of them.

“Our independent, family-owned mustard production is the only one that uses 100 percent French mustard seed from the region,” Desarmenien says, noting that its competitors source 80 percent of their seeds from North America, specifically Canada, where mustard seed production is falling short.

This allows Edmond Fallot to continue producing more than 2,000 pounds of dijon mustard per year, which may seem like a lot, but is relatively small compared to total French production of around 9,000 tons, according to Desarmenien.

Watch the full video to see how Edmond Fallot produces many varieties from old-fashioned Dijon to blackcurrant and basil-flavored mustards.


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