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How a Jersey City Pizzaiolo Churns out Hundreds of Wood-Fired Pies a Night

Razza chef Dan Richer knows it’s all about fresh ingredients and mastering heat 

“Pretty much my entire life is dedicated to pizza,” says Razza chef and owner Dan Richer. “For me, it’s my profession, it’s my craft, it’s my art, it’s the way I feed my kids.” Other Jersey City diners can sense Richer’s devotion to his craft; the busy restaurant churns out 400 to 600 pies a night.

Richer in part credits his wood-fired ovens for the quality of his pies. “Our oven is pretty much the centerpiece of the restaurant,” he says. “It’s a constant source of joy: Knowing that we put raw materials into it, and out comes something super delicious that brings a lot of happiness to people.” He also attributes the pizzas deliciousness to making his own fresh mozzarella, and sourcing quality ingredients, like local pork for the restaurant’s meatballs.

Even after making thousands of pizza pies, Richer doesn’t call himself an expert. “It’s always a work in progress. It’s not done, it’s not finished, it’s not perfect by any means, and it won’t be until I never show up in this building again.”

Check out the full video for more.


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