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Goldfish Crackers Targets Adults With Frank’s RedHot Flavor Because We Gotta Burn to Feel

What’s the next adult-aimed flavor going to be? Roasted brussels sprouts? Beef tartare? Existential ennui?

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A top-down photo of Goldfish crackers in a bowl, a package of Goldfish, and a bottle of Frank’s RedHot sauce. Photo: Pepperidge Farm

Like the Riverdales and Winx Clubs of the world, Goldfish crackers are getting an edgier, more adult reboot — starting with a new spicy flavor, made in collaboration with Frank’s RedHot sauce. Like the hot sauce, the crackers will carry notes of vinegar and cayenne pepper.

Hot and spicy is the most-requested flavor for Goldfish on social media, according to a press release announcing the new product. Janda Lukin, chief marketing officer for Campbell Snacks — which owns Pepperidge Farm’s Goldfish — told USA Today that the goal of the spicy cracker is to attract adult consumers.

“This flavor is for the older, mature audience, who requested and can handle the heat,” said Lukin, who also revealed that the brand is working on additional flavors aimed at adults. (Roasted brussels sprouts? Beef tartare? Existential ennui?)

As Lukin pointed out to USA Today, Goldfish were once geared more towards adults than their kids. Early on the crackers’ history, they were bar snacks, per Fast Company; even Julia Child reportedly regularly served Goldfish as her Thanksgiving appetizer alongside her favorite upside-down martini. It wasn’t until the ‘70s, when Goldfish began running TV ads, and the ‘90s, when the fish-shaped cracker acquired a smiling face, that the cheesy snack became more of a childhood staple.

While Goldfish isn’t looking to alienate its sticky-fingered, lunchbox-toting core demographic with these new, more “adult” flavors, obviously the company decided it wanted a piece of the grown-up pie, too.

The RedHot flavor will be available in stores starting in May, while supplies last. Adults, time to fucking go wild!!