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How ‘the Avocado Guy’ of NYC Supplies Michelin-Starred Restaurants

Miguel Gonzalez delivers the fruit to 120 top restaurants around the city 

Miguel Gonzalez has become the go-to avocado provider for restaurants around NYC and Brooklyn. His meticulous process and attention to detail have made his avocados stand out as the best you can get in the city. “I’m very picky about every piece, I guess I’m a bit obsessive,” he says.

Daily, his process begins with sorting through every box of avocados he receives, looking for over-ripening, dents, and bruises. “It begins with the right unloading times, the proper checking of what comes in. It’s very important for me to understand what I’m receiving so I can plan accordingly.”

As he sorts by ripeness, those that are ready to be in stores and homes within a day get sent out, and others that are hard or “turning,” get sent to another temperature-controlled area to wait until Gonzalez deems them good to go. “My real idea is that if you have five avocados, you will enjoy five avocados. Perfection on every single one of them,” he says.

Gonzalez makes a delivery stop at to two-Michelin-starred Daniel. “Look how perfect it is, how beautiful” says chef Daniel Boulud of a freshly cut avocado in his delivery. “It’s the hardest thing to have a perfect avocado, and we receive the perfect avocado every time, with each delivery.”

Eating a grilled avocado salad made by Boulud, Gonzalez laughs, “With this in mind I don’t have room for failure anymore, I guess.”

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