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The Bon Temps Will Rouler Nationwide With Popeyes’ Limited-Time Beignets

Plus, cannibal sandwiches, and more news to start your day

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Beignets covered in powdered sugar, scattered on a purple background.
Popeyes chocolate-filled beignets are available nationwide starting today.
Photo: Popeyes

Popeyes is selling beignets for the holidays

Less than three months after chocolate-filled beignets were initially spotted at a handful of Popeyes locations, the fried chicken chain is adding the dessert to its menus nationwide. Starting today, but only for a limited time, all participating Popeyes locations will sell the deep-fried, powdered sugar-dusted pastry in packs of three, six, and 12. The treats are a nod to New Orleans, where the chain was founded, Popeyes told Foodbeast back in late September.

Currently, the only permanent dessert on Popeyes’ nationwide menu is cinnamon apple pie, although some locations may offer different items regionally.

Sami Siddiqui, the chain’s president of the Americas, told CNBC that the beignets earned “particularly strong” reviews in test markets, but he doesn’t expect them to surpass the success of the fried chicken sandwich, which sparked a fast-food frenzy last summer.

And in other news…

  • Motherboard found that several restaurants labeled as being Black-owned by Uber Eats are not actually Black-owned, calling to question an initiative put into place after the onset of the George Floyd protests that allows restaurants to self-identify as Black-owned without Uber Eats apparently doing any of the necessary verification work afterward. [Vice]
  • Wisconsin health officials are urging residents to refrain from eating “cannibal sandwiches,” a.k.a. raw meat sandwiches traditionally made with raw ground beef and onions, for fear of Salmonella, E.coli, and other bacteria this holiday season. [USA Today]
  • What a headline: “Fast-food chains are vultures feasting on the carcasses of independent restaurants. But, the American government killed those mom-and-pop businesses in the first place.” [BI]
  • Domino’s announced it will spend more than $9.6 million on its store and supply chain workers, including in the form of $1,200 bonus checks. [QSR Mag]
  • Farmers protesting at the Delhi border against new farm laws — which would deregulate the agriculture sector — are being kept well fed and provided with shelter from organizations and supporters. [News18]

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