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A Bunch of Food Puzzles to Buy Right Now

Featuring doughnuts, ramen, bananas, and more, these puzzles are all still in stock

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Piecework Puzzles

There’s only so much time that one can dedicate to sourdough starters, so it makes sense that more and more Americans are turning to puzzles. As a result, suppliers are quickly running out of stock, but here are a few food-focused puzzles that are still available. Buy one for the home cook, dining obsessive, or sweets lover who needs yet another stay-at-home activity.

Not quite ready to commit to an IRL puzzle? Puzzling giant Ravensburger has created a digital app, where people can do food puzzles — fruit, candy, and even rainbow cake — from the comfort of their phones or laptops.

Rise & Shine

Piecework makes puzzles perfect for millennials trying to cut down on screen time, and the newest addition to the collection is a glittering breakfast spread. Bonus: 10 percent of proceeds go to nonprofit Feeding America. (Note: These puzzles sell out fast, but they come back into stock just as quickly.)

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Piecework Puzzles / $36 Buy

Ramen Bowl Puzzle

For the person who misses giant, comforting bowls of ramen, this puzzle showcases all of the elements of the dish in a fun, colorful style. Noodle soup not your thing? Check out the same company’s fruit lady puzzle instead.

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Seltzer Goods / $25 Buy

Little Puzzle Thing

These fun food puzles are designed to be completed in 20 minutes or less. Buy one for yourself — particularly delightful are the popcorn, pretzel, and shrimp versions — as a pick-me-up for a friend who misses French fries, birthday cake, dollar-slice pizza, or... blue cheese? Order four or more from the Areaware website for 10 percent off.

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Amazon / $15 Buy

Fancy Cakes

Liberty Puzzle’s works have “whimsy pieces,” aka pieces that are shaped like the subject of the puzzle. Which means that this fancy cake number includes — in addition to more traditional puzzle pieces — a handful of puzzle pieces that are, yes, shaped like tiny, fancy cakes. There’s a vegetable puzzle as well, if tiny, fancy radishes are more your speed.

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Liberty Puzzles / $95 Buy

Andy Warhol Banana Puzzle

This 75-piece puzzle is shaped like a banana. What more could you want?

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MoMA Design Store / $8 Buy

Snack Treat Puzzle

For a hit of nostalgia, check out this puzzle, a vivid collage of grocery store brands like Little Debbie, Tasty Kake, and Moon Pies. Want more? The company has a few other extremely bright 500-piece candy and chocolate puzzles at the same price point.

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Springbok / $13.95 Buy

Picnic Puzzle

Who ever thought they could be jealous of a puzzle? The friendly scene in this one highlights some folks who are definitely not social distancing while enjoying a picnic in the park.

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Serious Puzzles / $30 Buy

American Drive-In Puzzle

This puzzle depicts a classic drive-in scene, showcasing all of the neon signage, roller-blading servers, and ’50s-era diner vibes you could ask for.

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Summit Racing / $17 Buy

NYC Restaurant Puzzles

This new line of puzzles features dishes from some of the city’s most loved restaurants, from Gramercy Tavern’s dining room to Lilia’s mafaldini and Cosme’s famous corn husk meringue (shown), and proceeds from each puzzle go to the restaurant’s relief funds. The website notes that orders will be produced “when sales for a particular item reach a minimum threshold.”

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inHouse at Home / $40-$55 Buy