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McDonald’s Partners With J Balvin Following the Huge Success of the Travis Scott Meal

Plus, thousands of Chowbus users had their information leaked, and more news to start your day

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An overhead shot of a red tray with a Big Mac, fries, and an oreo mcflurry McDonald’s

The McFlurry is supposedly free if you use the McDonald’s app

After the runaway success of the Travis Scott meal, McDonald’s is hoping to continue courting relevance by releasing the J Balvin meal in partnership with the reggaeton star. Of McDonald’s, Balvin said, “It was a huge part of my childhood and my day-to-day. McDonald’s is just part of the culture, you know? I grew up with it and I’m proud to be the first Latino to have [an exclusive menu].” The meal consists of medium fries with ketchup, a Big Mac, and an Oreo McFlurry.

In the promotional video, Balvin says his preference is for “no pickles,” which sort of defeats the purpose of a Big Mac, but hey, if you want to consume the exact same food as J Balvin, you gotta make some sacrifices.

As part of the promotion, McDonald’s announced that the McFlurry is free if you order it on the McDonald’s app. But as Rebecca Alter at Vulture found, the app has been malfunctioning, she could only successfully order the meal through Uber Eats, and when it arrived, the Big Mac had pickles.

If the meal doesn’t appeal to you, sit tight. McDonald’s will probably partner with your favorite celebrity soon enough.

And in other news...

  • Coca-Cola is discontinuing Zico coconut water, and may cut some other products in order to streamline offerings. [FoodDive]
  • Food delivery app Chowbus appears to have emailed customer names, phone numbers, addresses, and other personal information to hundreds of thousands of users. The company says the data was “illegally accessed.” [BI]
  • It turns out people like it when restaurants take over parking spaces, as it makes the neighborhood feel more like a neighborhood. [NPR]
  • Zoomers love Le Creuset, and apparently have the same bougie tastes as the rest of us. [TikTok]
  • Just vibin’:

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