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Ice Cream Bars Formerly Known as ‘Eskimo Pies’ Are Now ‘Edy’s Pies’

Plus, Amazon employees are storming Jeff Bezos’s barricades, and more news to start your day

Vintage box showing Eskimo Pie’s Fudge Pie. Photo: National Museum of American History, Archives Center

The brand is one of several to change its name after confronting its racist connotations

In June, Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream announced that the Eskimo Pie, a chocolate-coated ice cream bar, would soon have a new name, as “Eskimo” has long been considered a derogatory catch-all term used by non-natives to describe populations of the arctic region. As a company spokesperson then said to the New York Times, “We are committed to being a part of the solution on racial equality, and recognize the term is inappropriate. This move is part of a larger review to ensure our company and brands reflect our people values.”

On October 2, the ice cream manufacturer revealed that the product will now be called an “Edy’s Pie,” to honor its inventor, Joseph Edy. Also gone from the branding is the caricature of an arctic child in a fur-collared coat.

Dreyer’s is one of many companies to change names and branding this year amid a larger public reckoning about racism in America, sparked by the killing of George Floyd by police in Minneapolis, Minn. Land O’ Lakes and Cream of Wheat both announced that they’d no longer be using their racially insensitive mascots, while Aunt Jemima syrup and Uncle Ben’s rice are — similarly to the Edy’s Pies — changing names and mascots both.

And in other news...

  • Taco Bell hopes you’ll give the gift of its goods with the online “Taco Gifter.” [QSR]
  • McDonald’s in the U.K. is among the firms (which also include Tesco, Nestlé, Unilever, and more) advocating for tougher deforestation policies, but don’t you worry! There are still plenty of loopholes that’ll allow fast food to keep the environment. [BBC]
  • Disney bloggers are raising thousands of dollars to help feed in-need and newly laid-off park employees in Orlando. [CNN]
  • On high alert for coronavirus surges, Paris is once again closing bars. [AP]
  • Amazon employees are “protesting company working conditions during the COVID-19 crisis and calling for higher wages, free healthcare and child care for employees” in front of Jeff Bezos’s Beverly Hills mansion. [LA Times]

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