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Boba Is the Only Decor Theme I Need

Bubble tea is more than a drink — it’s a cultural phenomenon, with all the accessories to match

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Boba-shaped keychains in an array of colors
Boba keychains

As the self-proclaimed official eater at Eater, I’m always finding ways to let people know my genuine love for food, whether it’s with a sushi phone case or fried chicken shirts. But, nothing makes me happier than boba merchandise.

I don’t think I’m alone here. The instantly recognizable combination of milk tea, tapioca pearls, and a straw has become more than just a drink order — it’s a cultural phenomenon and a symbol of Asian culture, for better and worse. Perhaps more than any other food, boba has a dedicated, passionate fan base, and there’s nothing like having some boba-themed merch to feel a part of it.

I once had a boba phone case, thanks to a friend who knew of my boba obsession. When I was out and about, other boba lovers would come up to to say they loved it, which would inevitably lead to an intense conversation about our boba preferences. I no longer have the phone case, but I’ve been eyeing some other boba items to bring some more boba into my life. I’m picturing myself, sipping brown sugar boba with a reusable boba straw, all wrapped up in a boba blanket, while holding a boba plushie. Does that sound ridiculous for a grown man? Yes. But, am I ashamed of wanting to live in my boba dream space? Absolutely not.

Here’s everything a boba obsessive like myself might be thirsty for — from a set of earrings to a fridge for keeping bubble tea at the ready.

Pearl Boba Tea Reusable Tumbler

  • $17

Prices taken at time of publishing.

Do I really need another tumbler? No. But, do I want it? Yes. This sparkling tumblr will ensure that I stand out among boba sippers and allow me to drink water while pretending it’s bubble tea.

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