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General Mills Begs Millennials to Pretty Please Eat Cereal Again by Bringing Back ’80s Formulas

Plus, Uncle Ben’s is now Ben’s Original, and more news to start your day

Four boxes of cereal, Trix, Cocoa Puffs, Golden Grahams and Cookie Crisp, on a purple background General Mills
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The “retro recipes” aim to lure 80s kids back to cereal with nostalgia, and artificial colors

Cereal was one of the first things millennials murdered on their endless killing spree into adulthood. Either they were too enamored with avocado toast, too put off by the sugar, or too busy to eat breakfast at all. For a while major cereal brands tried to appeal to their health-conscious tastes by removing artificial ingredients, but that didn’t work, so now General Mills is reversing course. The company is rereleasing Trix, Golden Grahams, Cookie Crisp and Cocoa Puffs with a “permanent return of the 80s taste.”

In a press release, Jennifer Jorgensen, vice president of marketing for General Mills cereal said “Our fans crave a taste of nostalgia — and, while these four cereals have always remained popular, we’ve answered their requests and brought back the taste they remember from childhood.” With these new old recipes, Trix will go back to having wacky fruit shapes, Golden Grahams will again be made with actual honey, and Cookie Crisp and Cocoa Puffs will have more “chocolate taste,” whatever that entails. Food Dive notes that millennials are increasingly driven by nostalgia as they round into middle age. Extra-sugary Trix — along with General Mill’s upcoming partnership with Saved by the Bell’s Mario Lopez — is as good a distraction as any for the fact that they’ll never be able to afford to retire.

And in other news...

  • A previously unknown virus is causing the mass die-off of freshwater mussels. [NYTimes]
  • Uncle Ben’s will start appearing in stores in 2021 under the name Ben’s Original, after backlash to its racist brand image. [CNN]
  • That banana taped to a wall that took Art Basel by storm has been donated to the Guggenheim, except sans banana. So just tape. [Insider]
  • Travis Scott is dropping a new song, “Franchise,” on Friday to commemorate his collaboration with McDonald’s, and not the new ruling that makes fast food corporations liable for labor violations at franchises. [BI]
  • A new poll shows 58 percent of essential workers report being burned out, compared to 45 percent in April. [Guardian]