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Illustration of Ruffles chip bag, big plastic container of cheese balls, Chips Ahoy cookies, a toaster oven with two Pop-Tarts popping out, and a box of Cheez-Its.

Snack Week

A celebration of the salty, sweet, crunchy, and sticky treats that make life worth eating

The Lonesome and Thrilling Snack Diet of a Latchkey Kid

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The Ultimate Guide to Turkish Snacks

The Rise and Fall of the Quaker Rice Cake, America’s One-Time Favorite Health Snack

The Entenmann’s Trifecta

‘Pen15’ Season 2 Celebrates the Grosser Features of Middle School Snacks

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The Ultimate Guide to Mexican Snacks

For Cheese and Crackers, Nothing Tops Triscuits

Fifth Graders Know Their Snacks. Here’s What They’re Eating Right Now.

Sunflower Seeds Are the Best Snack for the Anxious Mind

How we choose to snack is tied to how we live our lives — or how we want to.

A Lot of People Hate Sno-Caps. Those People Are Wrong.

Against Kettle Chips

The Best Road Trip Snacks, According to Eater Editors

What Was Your Middle School’s Status Snack?

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The Ultimate Guide to Chinese Supermarket Snacks

What Is a Snack, Really?

Auntie Anne’s Was the Best Part of Going Anywhere

The Devil’s Food

A Lot Has Been Said About the ’80s American Girl Doll but I’m Here to Appreciate Her Snacks