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All the Unitaskers You Need to Eat Exceptionally Difficult Fruits

In other words, all fruits

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An array of sliced fruit
Uniform fruit salads really call for specific fruit-slicing tools.
Monica Burton is the deputy editor of

Fruit, as a food category, has so many things to recommend it. It’s refreshing. It’s nutritious. It’s cute. But, enjoying fruit takes work. Too often, tough peels and inconvenient pits are an obstacle to juicy meat of a berry, citrus, or drupe. Fruit expects you to endure laborious peeling and sticky fingers before you reach the edible stuff, which as we all know, can end up a disappointment. (This is the reason why cutting fruit is a well-established act of love.)

But, there’s an entire arsenal of kitchen tools designed for the precise task of making slicing and eating fruit much easier. Sure, you could use a knife, but given the clearly impossible nature of fruit, why not consider one of the many unitaskers expressly designed to shave a whole second off fruit prep time? Here, an incomplete list of fruit unitaskers available for purchase on the internet right now.