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A pasta water candle, Le Diner jacket, moka pot with a cow pattern, and a ceramic salt cellar that looks like a tiger
D.S. and Durga’s pasta water candle, ME N U’s Le Diner jacket, Couplet Coffee’s “Mooka Pot,” and Diaspora Co.’s Salt Tiger.

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The Any Occasion Add to Cart Gift Guide: Winter Edition

An updated list of recommendations from Eater’s shopping newsletter

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Monica Burton is the deputy editor of

Eater’s shopping newsletter, Add to Cart, spotlights the latest in cooking tools and drinks; merch for a good cause; and all the tableware and food-themed home goods that I would very much like to own (and thus, that I hope will pique your interest enough to click that “add to cart” button). But there are also times when you already know you want to buy something — housewarmings, birthdays, paydays, and days when you just feel like supporting a small business — and just need to be pointed in the right direction. For that, there’s this post: Think of it as a consistently updated gift guide and home base for the Add to Cart universe.

Here, you’ll find a collection of items mentioned in the newsletter that are still shoppable, organized into four categories: cookware and home goods, clothing and merch, food, and drinks. Be sure to check back — I’ll be adding new things to buy every season — and subscribe to Add to Cart to start your week with shopping inspiration sent straight to your inbox.

Cookware and Home Goods

Standout kitchen tools, tableware, and home decor that strike the right balance of form and function

A blue Le Creuset Dutch oven

An Iconic Dutch Oven

  • $420

Prices taken at time of publishing.

Owning an iconic item like the Le Creuset Dutch oven is a two-step process: 1) Upon receiving it, follow restaurant editor Hillary Dixler Canavan’s footsteps of letting it live permanently on your stove, and 2) use it all the damn time. Whatever signature color you choose, from red to ganache, know that your Le Creuset will probably be around long enough to witness your marriage’s golden anniversary.

A blue and yellow piece of murano glassware

Katie Parla’s Murano Glassware

  • $25

Prices taken at time of publishing.

Cookbook author and Italian food expert Katie Parla is marking the release of her newest book with a small collection of Murano glass. She partnered with Wave Murano Glass on three cups and a plate in blues and yellows meant to evoke the coast, in keeping with the theme of new book Food of the Italian Islands. Both book and glassware are avaIlable to preorder on Parla’s website.

A ceramic salt cellar shaped like a tiger

Diaspora Co. Salt Tiger

  • $125

Prices taken at time of publishing.

Diaspora Co.’s Salt Tiger is here... kind of. The spice company dropped a limited number of the highly anticipated ceramic salt cellars yesterday. They’re expected to sell out immediately, but you can preorder one for the next drop in August. Maybe you’re in need of a quirky wedding gift then? 

A set of gold and white colored resin coasters

Resin Coasters in the ‘Color of the Year’

  • $30

Prices taken at time of publishing.

Coming Soon, one of my favorite design shops and, notably, a Staff stockist, partnered with paint company Backdrop on a set of resin coasters in a bright yellow-orange shade they’re calling “Color of the Year,” a sendup of the annual Pantone tradition.

A person holds and squeezes a turkey baster

Staff’s The Baster

  • $18

Prices taken at time of publishing.

Staff — the brand that takes mundane objects, like toilet plungers and clothes hangers, and makes them fun (typically by throwing on some bright colors and a quirky smiley face) — has applied this treatment to a turkey baster. Get it for an upcoming Friendsgiving.

A soy milk machine

Soy Milk Maker

  • $399

Prices taken at time of publishing.

Zoey Gong recommends this Joyoung soy milk machine, a workhorse in the kitchen if you’re someone who consumes a lot of nondairy milk, not just of the soy variety. It’s also capable of making baby food. 

A candle with a label that reads LIGHTABLE LATKES

D.S. and Durga Latke Candle

  • $65

Prices taken at time of publishing.

D.S. and Durga, maker of the Bistro Waters perfume, is making further waves in the food-scent space with a latke candle. Expect top notes of potato (naturally) and etrog, heart notes of black pepper and olive, and base notes of peanut oil and “assorted tubers.”

Clothing and Merch

The cutest food-themed clothing, restaurant merch, and brand collabs

A miniature bowl of laksa

Miniature Laksa Charm

  • $39

Prices taken at time of publishing.

Homiah, which makes Malaysian spice blends, is selling some adorable tiny food charms for the new year. Miniature laksa and itty bitty molcajetes come either as individual charms or a pair of earrings. 


From starter ingredients to complete meals, all the food that’s fit to gift

A box of Quattrotini pasta

Sfoglini Quottrotini and Vesuvio

  • $33

Prices taken at time of publishing.

Sfoglini and Sporkful, the duo that brought you cascatelli, has two brand new pasta shapes. Quottrotini is a tubular pasta with Sicilian origins, and Vesuvio is a swirly little number inspired by the volcano of the same name. 

A collage of Italian pantry items

Giadzy Celebration Gift Box

  • $122

Prices taken at time of publishing.

Giada De Laurentiis’s shop Giadzy has put together some fun gift boxes, complete with everything one might need to throw an Italian dinner party or make a lasagna. This celebration box features a host of the site’s bestsellers.

A stack of square pieces of chocolate

Mater x Simpli Chocolate

  • $50

Prices taken at time of publishing.

Chef Virgilio Martínez’s Mater — the research center that powers his restaurant group — has partnered with Simpli on fancy chocolate bars made using Peruvian Chuncho cacao. The bars range from a milk chocolate with 51 percent cacao to a bar that’s 100 percent cacao, but they’re also available in a set of four so you can try them all. 

A bottle of smoked mushroom garum

Noma’s Smoked Mushroom Garum

  • $29

Prices taken at time of publishing.

As Noma prepares to shift away from the restaurant, Noma Projects, the pantry product wing of the renowned Copenhagen restaurant, has a new membership option that gets you a quarterly shipment of product samples plus invites to virtual events with the Noma test kitchen and fermentation lab. As of now, only the waiting list is available for sign-up. But for a taste of Noma Projects, the smoked mushroom garum is in stock.


Intriguing cans and bottles, both alcoholic and non-

One glass of white wine and one glass of red wine

Eater Wine Club

  • $70

Prices taken at time of publishing.

Every month, Eater Wine Club ships out boxes of two or four wines, selected by the Eater team’s favorite sommeliers across the country. Eater Wine Club membership also comes with a newsletter and invitations to virtual hangs where that month’s expert will go deeper on the box’s theme. 

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