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Eater Nominated for 2023 Daytime Emmy Award

Eater’s video team has been recognized as a finalist in the Short Form category

The 2023 Daytime Emmy finalists have been announced, and Eater scored a nomination in the Short Form Program category for Handmade.

The Handmade series showcases individuals who make food products or other items that then make their way to restaurant tables. In one of series’ most standout episodes, we meet Scott Spellman, co-owner of Utopia Bagels in Queens, New York. Spellman, a larger-than-life character and expert bagel maker, shares the process behind his 40-year-old bagel operation. The Eater production team worked on location to capture stylized shots of the process, which is a defining characteristic of the Handmade series. Across every episode, the mix of in-scene narrative with formal interviews brings this docu-style series to life. Thanks to the success of the video, Spellman has since branched out from his bagel business to start a podcast.

Eater has previously won five NY Emmys; this is the brand’s fourth Daytime Emmy nomination. The 2023 Daytime Emmy Awards will air live June 16 on CBS and Paramount+.


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