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Melissa Mccart in wintery dark colored clothing.

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Eater Names Melissa McCart as Editor of Eater NY

McCart will oversee Eater NY’s team of two reporters and two dining critics

Eater has hired Melissa McCart to serve as editor of Eater NY, its largest city site.

McCart is a seasoned journalist, having worked as an editor, restaurant critic, and columnist for several marquee publications, among them The Bittman Project, Broken Palate, Newsday, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the Broward Palm Beach New Times, NBC’s The Feast, and the Washington Post Express. Her freelance work has appeared in such publications as Wirecutter, Grub Street, Bon Appetit, Taste Cooking, Saveur, the Washington Post, the Washington City Paper, Washingtonian, and many more. She is co-author with Rick Easton on the cookbook Bread and How to Eat It, from Knopf this spring.

“I’m excited to work with an amazing crew at Eater to help convey stories about New York restaurants and the people who bring them to life,” McCart says.

The Eater position is a homecoming of sorts for McCart: She previously served as the editor of Eater NY from 2016 to 2017, and has been working as an interim editor for the site over the past several months while the search for a permanent hire took place.

“Melissa is an incredibly talented editor, people manager, and mentor who has a real vision for the NY site, and we’re so lucky to have her back again lending her skills to our team,” said Eater cities director Missy Frederick.

In her role, McCart will oversee Eater NY’s team of two reporters and two dining critics.


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