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Eater Wins at 2022 NY Emmy Awards

Eater’s video team lands fifth Emmy award, for an episode of Vendors

Eater has claimed its fifth Emmy win, taking home a 2022 New York Emmy Award on Saturday night for an episode of Vendors.

One of two nominations for Eater in the category of Informational/Instructional — Long Form Content, the Vendors episode follows Nobu Yamanashi and his Yama Seafood team as they bring high-quality tuna from around the world to top New York restaurants.

Taking viewers behind the scenes, the episode shows every step — including breaking fish down, examining the meat, filleting it just right, and packing it strategically for specific restaurant needs — of getting albacore, bigeye, yellowfin, and bluefin tuna to diners’ plates. The episode, “How Yama Seafood Sells 8,000 Pounds of Tuna to NYC’s Michelin-Starred Restaurants,” has been viewed over 1.8 million times on YouTube.

Eater was also nominated for an episode of Dan Does that takes viewers into the world of vertical farming.

Eater previously had four NY Emmy Award wins, including in 2021 for another seafood-focused episode of Vendors, How Steven Wong Moves 80,000 Pounds of Lobster a Week.”


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