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Taco Bell Debuts the Only Good Fast Food Subscription

For $10 a month, the Taco Lover’s Pass gets you 30 tacos, and that’s a steal

A Taco Bell taco Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images
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Starting this week, people who love Taco Bell enough to have the fast food chain’s logo tattooed on their bodies will be able to show their dedication in a whole new way: by signing up for a subscription service that entitles the subscriber to one taco per day for 30 days for just $10 per month.

Called the Taco Lover’s Pass, the subscription, initially launched in Arizona, is managed through the Taco Bell app. After signing up, the user can order from a menu of different taco options, including the classic crunchy taco, the spicy potato soft taco, and Doritos Locos tacos. I’m no mathematician, but if the user actually redeems their daily taco, each one costs around 30 cents, a steal at a time when food prices are skyrocketing.

The chain is not the first to debut its own subscription service, but it does appear to be the best new deal in the fast food game. As CNN Business notes, Panera Bread currently offers a subscription that entitles its most devoted patrons to a cup of iced or hot coffee every day for $8.99, and Sweetgreen’s new $10/month subscription offers $3 off every order.

But even if you get $3 off of every Sweetgreen order for 30 days, that’s still a lot of money spent on overpriced salads. And coffee is relatively inexpensive and easy to make. But replicating the taste of a Taco Bell crunchy taco at home takes cooking and multiple ingredients, something that most people who are regularly eating Taco Bell don’t likely have much interest in fussing with. And even though Taco Bell’s food is frequently mocked for its perceived propensity to cause gastrointestinal discomfort, there are still plenty of devoted fans who are obsessed enough to lose their actual minds every time the chain makes a menu change.

Now that I am in my 30s, the idea of eating 30 Taco Bell tacos in a month sounds pretty horrifying — there is not enough Pepcid in the world — but as a broke-ass college student, I probably would’ve malnourished myself to the point of scurvy attempting to spend only $10 on a month’s worth of lunches. A taco might not be a whole meal, but it’s at least half of one.

And sure, Taco Bell is banking on the idea that subscribers will spend well beyond $10 over the course of that month, turning a single taco into an actual meal with Baja Blasts and cinnamon twists. But that doesn’t minimize the value of the subscription itself. Whether or not it is actually a good idea for any human body to consume 30 Taco Bell tacos in one month is questionable, but there’s no denying that getting all those tacos for ten bucks is a hell of a bargain.