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From the Editor: Everything you missed in food news last week

Pineapple buns, Yunnan brisket, Sichuan cauliflower, wontons, Mandarin duck, and other dishes shot overhead on a white table.
A spread at Milu in Ne wYork
Gary He/Eater

This post originally appeared on June 12, 2021 in Amanda Kludt’s newsletter “From the Editor,” a roundup of the most vital news and stories in the food world each week. Read the archives and subscribe now.

I don’t know what it’s like right now where you are. Some regions have, famously, been open for months. Some areas outside the U.S. are still in various stages of lockdown. But in New York City, we’re experiencing an almost unbelievably wonderful re-emergence. Indoor dining is back, sure, but so is live music and live comedy, holdout museums, and nightlife. The post-vaxx crowds are bringing new energy back into the streets and dining rooms.

To mark this big reopening in the restaurant world and our social calendars, the Eater New York and New York Magazine food section teams joined forces to create a thorough guide to the places that have opened or significantly changed since the onset of the pandemic. The focus here is on places that offer a fun night out, an experience, a chance to reconnect with (non-pod) friends. They’re places that should make your summer to-do list.

Read the full guide here and check out a map of all the choices here.

On Eater

Philly and Chicago are now fully open. Montreal opened dining rooms for the first time last Sunday and bars can reopen Monday.

— Alice Waters will open a restaurant at the Hammer Museum this fall, and Stephen Starr wants to open a ”mega” Italian restaurant, ideally with chef Nancy Silverton, in Georgetown.

— Nevada will get its first marijuana consumption cafe this year.

— Three major hotels (with equally major restaurants) are set to open in New Orleans this summer.

— Southern institution Crooks Corner is closing after 40 years in business, and so is Edouardo Jordan’s six-year-old Seattle restaurant Salare.

A pink tablecloth and an array of dishes from a new restaurant, including charcuterie.
A spread at Agnes in LA
Wonho Frank Lee

Please check this year’s Queer Table series, featuring stories on queer farmers, a gay oasis in upstate New York, and the duo behind a vegan vending machine in Vegas and videos on Heart of Dinner, a chef duo feeding elder residents of Chinatown, and Butcher Girls, a meat subscription business and butcher shop, and more.

— Openings: Agnes, an all-day restaurant, cheesery, and marketplace, in Pasadena; and Little Mad, a playful Korean restaurant from a chef with fine dining cred, and Contento, a Peruvian restaurant that prioritizes accessibility (and great wine), in New York.

— Everything to eat and drink at Disneyland’s new Marvel-themed Avengers campus.

— I had no idea fried chicken was such a big thing in LA grocery stores.

— The third-party delivery apps are making concessions to restaurants but who’s actually paying in the end?

— Here’s a matcha blackberry cake recipe from the wonderful Joy Cho.

— And if a trip to California wine country is in your future, here’s a thorough and super useful guide out of Eater SF.

Off Eater