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Climate Change’s Impact on Our Food System

From the Editor: Everything you missed in food news last week

Yadi Liu

This post originally appeared on March 27, 2021 in Amanda Kludt’s newsletter “From the Editor,” a roundup of the most vital news and stories in the food world each week. Read the archives and subscribe now.

It’s sometimes easy to forget that, what with the other crises we’re facing, we’re slowly, inexorably marching towards doom as the climate warms. It will impact us and future generations in myriad ways and will have an outsize impact on our food systems, how we feed the planet, how often we get sick, and what kinds of food we can eat and what it will cost.

So that’s our package for this week. As our executive editor Matt Buchanan writes in the intro, “Even if you’ve had the luxury of paying no mind to climate change, you will eventually taste it.”

Read about how climate change is impacting truffles, olive oil, squid and jellyfish, and wine in the Midwest, and how the warming climate is going to lead to ever-more foodborne illnesses. Plus: If Americans keep eating as much meat as they have been, the outcome will be cataclysmic. Enjoy!

On Eater

— LA’s dive bars that don’t serve food might be able to finally reopen (but just outside!) after a year of being closed.

— Boris Johnson is contemplating letting pubs (that want to) require vaccination for entry.

— Interesting to me that Chicago is not counting vaccinated diners towards indoor capacity counts.

— Time Out Market, which was on an expansion tear pre-pandemic, is pulling out of its plans to open in London.

— Multiple women are alleging they were drugged at a Michigan bar and restaurant.

— Servers are protesting an LA steakhouse for changing the tip pool structure to give more money to the back of the house.

— The long-anticipated Virgin Hotels, complete with a version of Night + Market, finally opened in Vegas. So did a 24,000-square-foot new food hall that’s meant to be an ode to hawker centers in Southeast Asia. It features notable imports from Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, Manila, and Penang (as well as concepts from Steve Aoki and Marcus Saumuelsson).

— In other “things are open” news, Miami has been so open during spring break that South Beach had to enforce a curfew.

— Selling wine is about to get easier and more affordable for restaurants in Pennsylvania.

— Why all these fast food companies are taking a retro approach to their logos and design.

A chef ladles a scoop of orange consomme into a takeout cup held by a hand wearing a mint-colored glove
A worker at Birria-Landia ladles consomme into a to-go cup in NY
Christian Rodriguez/Eater

17 new cookbooks to get excited about this season.

— Zach Brooks chimes in with the clutch pandemic parenting move: THE TABLE.

So many New York chefs are hopping on the (delicious) birria bandwagon, even if they have little to no connection to the dish.

— Watch: I am in love with this video about a quirky and obsessive wholesale bread maker in Philly.

— A wine person you should know: Rania Zayyat, this month’s host and curator of our Eater Wine Club.

— For those of you in New York, Robert Sietsema has a cheese-stuffed focaccia you need to try.

— And for those of you in San Francisco, we’re hiring!

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