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Discussing ‘Korean-Inspired’ Chicken, the Return of Viennetta, and PPP 2.0

Catching up on this week’s food news on Eater’s Digest

Fried chicken sandwiches, nuggets, fries, and two milkshakes laid out with a purple background
Shake Shack’s new ‘Korean-inspired’ menu
Shake Shack [Official]

Was the online criticism of Shake Shack over the “Korean-inspired” fried chicken sandwich justified? Does it even matter if the sandwich isn’t any good? Chef Jae Lee of Nowon in New York comes on Eater’s Digest this week to discuss his thoughts about the release of the sandwich and how it could be better. We also talk to Eater’s Adam Moussa about the heroic relaunch of favorite ‘90s dessert Viennetta and the return of potatoes at Taco Bell. Then Ryan Sutton takes us through the latest unemployment numbers and the nuts and bolts of the second round of Paycheck Protection Program loans.

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