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Rep. Jerry Nadler Brought Zabar’s to the Impeachment Hearing

If you were impeaching the president for a second time, you’d be hungry, too

The exterior of deli and grocery store Zabar’s, orange sign illuminated, on the Upper West Side of Manhattan at dusk.
Zabar’s on the Upper West Side of Manhattan

Did you have the emotional wherewithal to tune into yesterday’s House impeachment hearing? If so, hopefully you indulged in a little self care after listening to all those frustrating, circular arguments. Perhaps you poured yourself a glass of wine, took a bubble bath, or rolled a fat... uh... burrito. And if you’re Rep. Jerry Nadler, D-New York, you brought Zabar’s directly to the House floor.

Director Alex Richanbach noticed the bag from Zabar’s, an iconic gourmet grocery store that specializes in bagels, coffee, and baked goods (as well as showing up in Nora Ephron movies) on the Upper West Side in Manhattan, while watching CNN, then posted the clip to Twitter, writing, “Jerry Nadler brought Zabar’s to the impeachment.” But what was in the bag? A bagel and lox? Caviar and blinis to celebrate? Or maybe, disappointingly, no food at all and Nadler was just using the bag from his neighborhood grocery store as a makeshift briefcase?

New York City neighborhood news blog West Side Rag thought to ask:

We reached out to Nadler’s people and a spokesman came back with the answer: “A babka and the constitution, what else?”

We’ll forgive the bad joke in the service of babka, unity, and healing.