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How Cities Dependent on Tourism Are Dealing With the Pandemic

This week on Eater’s Digest, we look at the fallout in New Orleans and Las Vegas

The Tropicana Leinani Shak Photography

Restaurant scenes across America are in crisis right now as COVID-19 cases spike, and cities enter back into various stages of lockdown. Regions that are wholly dependent on tourism are at an even bigger disadvantage than others due to an almost complete loss of group and business travel and state-level quarantine mandates. So this week on Eater’s Digest, Eater editors Clair Lorell of New Orleans and Susan Stapleton of Las Vegas catch us up on how their cities are coping with the fallout.

Afterwards, Eater London’s James Hansen explains why London chefs are particularly mad about no shows right now, and Daniel and I discuss the other big stories of the week.

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