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Eater Talks | The Ethics of Dining Out

Join Eater editors Gabe Guarente and Amy McCarthy and Eater New York’s chief critic Ryan Sutton as they discuss the challenges of deciding whether or not to dine out during a pandemic

Eater Talks: The Ethics of Dining Out

Monday, July 27 — 1:00 p.m. ET

Since the novel coronavirus pandemic began, restaurants have been caught in the middle of countless discourses, from the tradeoffs of third-party delivery to balancing the safety of their workers with their livelihoods. At the center of those discussions is the matter of ethics — namely, how can diners go about patronizing restaurants in an ethical manner?

Some of us would love nothing more than to dine in restaurants again, but what does the decision to go out for dinner mean for ourselves, for fellow diners, for the employees of the restaurants we decide to go to? And what are steps that can be taken to ensure community safety?

On Monday, July 27, at 1 p.m. ET, Gabe Guarente of Eater Seattle, Amy McCarthy of Eater Dallas and Houston, and Ryan Sutton of Eater NY will discuss the challenges surrounding dining out during a pandemic, how they weigh the decision to do so — considering everything from restaurant employees’ health to the medical science around outdoor vs. indoor eating — and how these matters vary between the three regions they cover. The conversation and Q+A will be moderated by Sonia Chopra, Eater’s director of editorial strategy.

This event will take place over Zoom; register below to secure a spot, receive a Zoom link prior to the event, and add the event to your calendar.


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