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Canceled Your Wedding Because of COVID-19? Console Yourself With Domino’s Wedding Registry.

Plus, European chocolates are hit with new tariffs, and more news to start your day

Cheesy Bread will absolutely make up for it

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many couples to put their weddings on hold, as large gatherings of people eating and drinking together are basically a coronavirus paradise. It’s the responsible choice, but of course it’s a bummer. So Domino’s has created a “wedding registry,” which is basically a site of e-gift cards to send couples whose weddings have been postponed. Because everyone is always saying how they got married for the *checks notes* Cali Chicken Bacon Ranch.

Couples, or really anyone, can create a registry of eGift cards named things like “Bridal Shower, But Make It Virtual,” or “The OG Wedding Day,” that — though labeled as specific items — can be spent on any Domino’s product. It’s sort of confusing how this counts as a registry! But Kate Trumbull, Domino’s vice president of advertising, said in a statement “We created Domino’s Wedding Registry because pizza-loving couples have shared over the years how Domino’s pizza was part of their big day.” Wow, the Wedding Industrial Complex has really evolved over the years. I can’t wait for Emily Post to rule on whether Deep Pan or Thin ‘N’ Crispy is more appropriate for a springtime garden affair.

And in other news...

  • Pete Wells on how hard it is to get an outside table in New York. [NYTimes]
  • Wolfgang Puck on how to navigate running a restaurant empire during a pandemic. [HBR]
  • Products like European chocolate, olives, and beer may soon be subject to new tariffs. [CNN]
  • The fast food industry is struggling, but a lot of people are ordering breakfast online. [NBC]
  • Chuck. E. Cheese’s parent company, CEC Entertainment, is filing for bankruptcy. [CNN]
  • Before COVID-19, chef salaries were the highest they’d been in nearly two decades. [NRN]
  • What would would it be like to eat like Gaston, a cartoon? [Mel Magazine]
  • A restaurant worker quit after his boss changed the name of Blackened Chicken Wings on a receipt to “I Can’t Breathe.” [NBC Miami]
  • This seems the only conclusion for writing a book about fungi:

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