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Across the Country, Restaurants Pledge Money to Black Lives Matter and Social Justice Causes

Restaurant owners across the country stepped up to donate proceeds

Paper plates with messages of support for Black Lives Matter in a Prime Pizza restaurant window Matthew Kang

After days of protests against police brutality were met with heavily armored, increasingly violent police responses in cities across America, restaurant owners have been expressing support with protesters and sending funds to organizations focused on racial justice and police reform — even as many restaurants were damaged by looters over the past few days.

In some cities, like Los Angeles, protests and government-mandated curfews overlapped with the first weekend that restaurants were allowed to have in-person dining. And after months of revenue loss through the pandemic, which saw dining rooms closed and businesses attempting to make delivery and take-out only business models work with little notice, restaurant owners across the country stepped up to donate proceeds. Countless more took to social media and to the press to voice support for the protests and for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Below, how restaurants are participating in fundraising efforts and showing solidarity, organized alphabetically by city:

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