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How Restaurants Can Support Protesters and the Black Community

This week on Eater’s Digest, we talk protests, LA’s reopening, and Bon Appetit


This week on Eater’s Digest, chef and writer Amethyst Ganaway discusses her article about how the restaurant community needs to step up in this moment and in the long term. We discuss the need for restaurants to revive their utility as third spaces in this moment and how owners can better engage with their communities and customers in the years to come.

Then, Eater LA’s Matthew Kang and Mona Holmes discuss how they’ve been covering the last two intense weeks in Los Angeles restaurant news, first tackling the surprise reopening of dining rooms during the coronavirus pandemic and then the protests that have taken over the city. We touch upon how these protests differ from those in 1992 and how we as media need to turn the attention away from looting and business disruption to focus on the bigger picture.

Then Daniel and I talk about the reckoning at Bon Appetit.

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