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A black and white photo of an empty restaurants with empty tales and chairs placed next to each other Gary He/Eater

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Eater Talks | Covering Restaurants in a Pandemic

Join Eater editors from NY, LA, and London on June 18 as they discuss reporting one of the biggest news stories of all time

Eater Talks: Covering Restaurants in a Pandemic

Thursday, June 18 — 12:00 p.m.

The coronavirus pandemic is undoubtedly one of the biggest news stories of this generation, and its impact specifically on the food world — on restaurants, on delivery, on our interconnected food systems, and on the countless humans who labor to make them run — has been massive.

From the start, Eater editors and reporters have been tracking the unfolding crisis, investigating the economic and human impact, and telling stories from the ground — even when they couldn’t be on the ground as usual.

In a conversation on Thursday, June 18, at 12 p.m. ET, Serena Dai of Eater NY, Adam Coghlan of Eater London, and Matthew Kang of Eater LA will discuss the challenges they’ve faced and what they’ve learned reporting the story, each from their unique vantage point in their cities. From the wave of restaurant closures to the maze of executive orders governing their reopening, to the government’s (largely inadequate) economic response, to the very real impact on already-vulnerable service workers, the novel coronavirus’ ripple effects on food are still being felt — and reported on — daily. The conversation will be hosted by Eater’s executive editor, Matt Buchanan.

This event will take place over Zoom; register below to secure a spot, receive a Zoom link prior to the event, and add the event to your calendar.

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