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Restaurant Owners: Eater Wants to Know What’s Next for Your Business

Take our survey to help us understand COVID-19’s impact on your restaurants and food businesses — now and in the near future


As America slowly stumbles back onto its feet amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the restaurant industry is having a particularly tough time figuring out how to bounce back. Reports of small restaurant owners being overlooked for federal assistance while large chains take up the bulk of the funding, restaurants shutting down for good, and some restauranteurs unsure of what their businesses will look like going forward have been common anecdotes during this period. But successfully rebuilding the economy might hinge on successfully reviving the restaurant industry, which employs more than 11 million workers and almost 7 percent of the American workforce.

If you’re a restaurant owner, Eater wants to understand the state of the restaurant industry from your perspective. How soon can you re-open? Will you have enough customers to remain open? How much longer can restaurants remain closed or operating on takeout/delivery only models? If you’re an owner of a restaurant or food business take this survey and share your experience.