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If Nothing Else, You’ll Be Able To Find Chicken Wings At The Grocery Store

Plus, Whole Foods employees will get temperature checks at work, and more news to start your day

hot and spicy buffalo style chicken wings in a basket
Chicken wings

Hope your home cooking plan includes buffalo wings

You may have difficulty finding yeast and toilet paper right now, but one item it’ll be easy to stock up on is chicken wings — and that’s because March Madness is canceled. Suppliers now have a surplus of chicken wings to deal with, which otherwise would have gone to bars and Buffalo Wild Wings locations across the country. As National Chicken Council spokesperson Tom Super told VICE, “The Super Bowl is the largest single sporting event for wing consumption, but March Madness is stretched over 2-3 weeks, so wing consumption would be more over that time.”

Super says about 70% of wings are sold in bulk to be eaten in restaurants, so manufacturers are now finding it difficult to package them in a retail-friendly, single family fashion. However, UPI reports that prices have dropped to $1.25 a pound wholesale, which may be all the motivation consumers need.

And in other news...

  • Amazon and Whole Foods employees have been protesting and walking out over dangerous conditions and inadequate benefits, including stores and facilities that were ordered to remain open even after an employee tested positive for COVID-19. Now, the companies will begins screening employees for illness symptoms before they begin work. []
  • Asheville, NC chef Katie Button took to Instagram to name the specific landlords and property management groups who aren’t working with her on rent reduction or leniency. [Instagram]
  • The maker of Peeps is suspending its operations, but not to worry, shipments already went out for this Easter. [FBN]
  • Trader Joe’s has fought unionization, but employees critical of its response to the new coronavirus keep organizing. [NY Times]
  • Eggs are very popular right now. [Modern Farmer]
  • Fish is also mostly bought in restaurants, so the nation’s fishermen are worried. [The Counter]
  • EU is expected to approve edible insects, if that’s your thing. [The Guardian]

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