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Why LeRoy & Lewis Is Among the Most Unusual Barbecues in Austin

The truck’s menu features non traditional cuts of meat, like confit beef cheeks, smoky brisket burgers, and salty bacon ribs

At LeRoy & Lewis barbecue truck in Austin, chefs and owners Evan LeRoy and Sawyer Lewis pride themselves on using different cuts of meat to stand out among the many barbecue trucks in Texas.

Items on the truck’s menu include confit beef cheeks, smoky brisket burgers, salty bacon ribs, and even a number of vegetarian dishes, like smoked eggplant parm and Cauliflower burnt ends.

“A lot of this stuff comes from seeing other barbecue people do stuff, and then wanting to do something like that, but different.” LeRoy explains. “And then it’s just a matter of execution after that, how do we make it better, how do you make it more interesting?”

The owners believe in using the whole animal, so very little, if any, meat gets wasted. This is another reason why the shop has such interesting cuts of meat—they get creative with parts that normally might get thrown away.

“[Barbecue is] really the way we try to express ourselves and a way we try to bring something more interesting to the culinary landscape,” says LeRoy. “We try to say something about the city, about ourselves, and about the people that produce the things that we use, as well.”


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